TG Group is emerging as the next owner of new aeronautical group.TG Group will have only one week to comply with the requirements of the business plan to acquire the airline

Mexico City -the Secretary of labor, Javier Lozano, and the conciliator Gerardo Badin, proposed to TG Group that includes Arturo Barahona as part of his team in the rescue of MexicanDespite that it represented the PC equity investors that prolonged the process with promises that eventually failed.

TG Group investors not to dismiss the incorporation of Barahona, to take advantage of the involvement in the process that has followed in the rescue again Aviation Group (NGA), but make it clear that Jorge Moya continues to be the representative and managing director of TG Group.

"For the moment, this is not a priority issue, what matters is now hammer out two or three details on business plan to fly to Mexico as soon as possible," cited Roberto Carricarte, TG Group Investor in interview.

Barahona was CEO of Aeromexico, Counsellor of Mexicana de Aviacion in the administration of Gaston Azcarraga, and as a representative of PC Capital constantly ensured that it would be the general manager of the airline.

While this matter is defined, TG Group is emerging as the next owner of new group Aeronautico (NGA); from this Wednesday has staff in the Tower of Mexican, and holds daily meetings with holder K, holder of the shares of new group Aeronautico (NGA), and Gerardo Badin to refine the business plan to be submitted between Friday and next Monday.

Carricarte Sobrado confirmed that they hope to successfully meet this week with all the requirements to obtain the air operator certificate as soon as possible and take to fly to Mexico this month.

Meanwhile, the Federal Institute of specialists of bankruptcy (Ifecom), headed by Griselda fogs, made it clear that the departure of PC Capital of negotiations to rescue the airline not hinders "at all" the process, since the bankruptcy and the negotiations between individuals are independent, for it is far from bankruptcy.

For its part, Carricarte explained that project which led to Capital PC three months TG Group must do so within a period of one week.

"Perhaps it sounds unfair that they ask us so quickly, but we understand that the company and workers have no oxygen;" "you have to make a decision and we will take advantage of the advances made with creditors and certifications, and refine a couple of points in these two or three days," he said.

For its part, Juan Carlos Torres, President of TG Group, coincided with the conciliator, to rule out any possibility of bankruptcy for Mexican, and trusted that later Monday realize the transfer of shares holding k and begin the settlement of workers to start as soon as the sale of tickets.

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