The Ministry of health Peruvian warned today that drug traffickers are producing drug Ecstasy from influenza and ordered that the sale of these drugs perform only with prescription, which should be retained.

Ecstasy, a hallucinogenic drug for illegal sale, can cause addiction, as well as cardiac arrest, it said in a statement the General direction of medicinal products, supplies and drugs (DIGEMID).

"Despite the fact that already ran a previous alert which warns of the danger, continues to date over-the-counter products in boticas, and pharmacies," said Judy Castaneda, representative of the Digemid.

He noted that the rate of cases of colds does not justify the increase in sales of such products, gave to understand that the surplus or part of it would be used in the illegal production of ecstasy.

The specialist reminded that in order to combat the improper marketing of these drugs, the Digemid decided also that the flu containing pseudofedrina are sold with prescription.

Also recommended that people join this measure through citizen surveillance, avoiding buying these medications.

Castaneda stressed that establishments pharmaceutical regulation indicates that drug sales covered without the support of a prescription or that it complies with the formalities, shall be punished by a fine of up to $1,000 200.

The expert explained that Ecstasy is a drug "leading to an increase in blood pressure, dilation of the pupils, dryness in the mouth, and as a result, hallucinations that occur two hours and can last from 4 up to 24 hours".

According to the center of information and education for the prevention of drug abuse (Cedro), the average dose of pills that are sold in Lima is 150 milligrams and the consumption of only one of them can be fatal.

He pointed out that young people begin at age 14 in the consumption of synthetic drugs, particularly Ecstasy and has been identified that women are the largest consumers.

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